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Xtreme Laser Storm is located off Summit Park Drive in The Pointe at Robinson near the entrance to Best Buy, Home Depot and PetSmart.

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What is XLS?

Xtreme Laser Storm is the newest version (6.0) of the popular "Laser Storm" entertainment game. Best played with lots of friends, the red & green teams 'face off' in an effort to defeat each other. Entering a darkened, black light arena you are surrounded with fog, music and lighting effects as you 'tag' members of the opposing team. Using your phaser aim for your opponents headset, phaser or chest area to score points for your team. Get 'tagged'?…Don't worry just head to the energizer to re-energize. At Xtreme Laser Storm you're never out of the action!

Xtreme Laser Storm also offers popular arcade games, including several self-redemption games, and a snack shop. Private party rooms are available for your next birthday party, group outing, or team building event. Contact us today for more information!


How to Play

The arena is divided into two sides, one each for the Red and Green teams. The typical play experience lasts 20 minutes, including a briefing on rules and strategy, a stop in the ready room to pick up a vest & phaser, and 10-12 minutes of intense competition in the arena.

Points are scored for your team by 'tagging' members of the opposing team or by 'tagging' their base (aka "pod"). Once you've been 'tagged' there are four energizers (two for each team) available to re-energize your phaser. Each player can re-energize an unlimited number of times during each game to stay in the action. Players can keep track of each team's progress using the scorecards located inside the arena.

Once time is up you return to the ready room to drop-off your vest & phaser. Head out to the lobby to collect your score sheet to see how you did!

When you come visit, please ask for a personal briefing to further explain how to play!


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